Lawrence Coulson

Having been surrounded by the art business for as long as Lawrence can remember, he grew up with oil paintings propped up to dry in various places around the house which he took for granted. His father, Gerald Coulson - one of the most important landscape and aviation painters of the twentieth century, worked in a spare bedroom and for a while as a young child he thought all dads did the same. Never really excelling in art at school Lawrence left at the age of 16 and started one of three positions in the retail business. By the age of 21, his father encouraged him to have a go at some oil painting, giving him some pointers at technique, which colours to use and the importance of tone values. After successfully selling his art locally Lawrence was convinced that he wanted, and needed, to paint professionally. Lawrence has grown in stature to become one of Britain’s leading contemporary landscape painters. Many of his originals have been produced as signed limited editions – the majority of which have sold out on release since becoming a professional artist in 1997. “I feel a huge amount of satisfaction in trying to create the tension that fills the air just before a thunderstorm, or the atmosphere of being the first one on the beach on a cold autumn morning. Progressing over the years, it has been the mood and the light that has become the central theme” lawrence [B.1962, Cambridge] coulson

Title - An Early Start
Medium - Limited Edition on Paper

Size - 24 x 18 inches

Edition - Edition of 150
Price - £625

Title - Atmosphere
Medium - Book
Price - £25

Title - The Gift of Time
Medium - Limited Edition on Paper

Size - 30 x 9 inches

Edition - Edition of 150
Price - £550