Nic Joly

Frozen in miniature scale narratives, these meticulously created works are the artistic expression of British sculptor Nic Joly. Nic started his artistic career in a stained glass and metalwork workshop in the south of England. He then went on to study at The Winchester School of Art in Hampshire. After producing various privately commissioned works in glass and bronze he enrolled at John Makepeace’s college, Parnham House, to take an apprenticeship in furniture design and making. Joly began working on his ‘Under Foot’ series in 2005 and since then it’s only their reputation that has grown in size. Tackling the enormity of life’s trials and tribulations on a miniature scale, Joly applies the intimacy to his art that one might feel peering through the window of a stranger’s life. Made from wire, paper and clay, the intricate figurines are imbued with human emotion as Joly transmits humour, fear, joy and despair onto the framed stages of his constructed theatres. His work garners inspiration from everyday life and human transgression, with each piece unlocking a new narrative. What began as a hobby has transformed into a passion for sculpting captivatingly minute depictions of observations on life, which are simultaneously satirical and truthful in nature. His tableaus depict thoughts, feelings and situations that are framed in reality and suspended in time. “My fascination with creating small sculpture inspired by the theatre of life has grown into an absolute obsession for me, no area of life is safe!” nic [B.1973, Southern England] joly

Title - Life's Secret
Medium - Limited Edition Wall Sculpture

Size - 22 x 22 inches

Edition - Edition of 90
Price - £995