Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold began photographing while working in New York City in 1946. In 1954, Arnold’s fresh quality and intelligent choice of subject matter brought her to the attention of Robert Capa, the head of Magnum Photos, the prestigious international cooperative of photographers. Capa invited her to join and she became its first American female member. Arnold became a star photographer for Life magazine during its heyday, capturing public figures such as Senator Joseph McCarthy and General Eisenhower at revealingly unguarded moments. She had a special affinity with Marilyn Monroe, whom she met when both were relatively unknown. Eve captured the lives of ordinary people, exploring such themes as birth, family, tragedy and racial prejudice. In the early 1960s, she moved to London to work on the newly launched Sunday Times colour magazine. In addition to photographing statesmen and showbiz celebrities, she also made a photographic record of the status of women around the world. Eve says of Marilyn: “I found myself in the privileged position of photographing somebody who I had first thought had a gift for the camera, but who turned out had a genius for it”

Title - Marilyn Monroe
Medium - Book
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