Stephen Simpson

I’m very fortunate to live in the North East of England as there are so many places to draw inspiration from. The North East coastline is a good place for me to reflect and clear my mind to allow the ideas to flow; often a walk along the beach front will throw up a few treats in the shape of rock pools. The way the half submerged rocks catch and reflect the light in such an organic way gives me invaluable inspiration. I’ll often photograph anything I see which I think may help me, not to ‘draw’ from but more as a way of documenting ideas. The colours and texture I choose to use are inspired by all of natures Elements. Looking at the glowing embers of a fire or a storm at sea will make something just ‘click’ and I’ll be ready to get into the studio. It’s natures sheer power which I strive to capture in my work. Sometimes the results will be soft and calm and others much more dramatic which all adds to the uniqueness and emphasises that every piece is totally individual. Each of my paintings have a light source which gives them life, much like real life, without light there would be no life. I paint dark to create light, I look a lot at Turner’s work and the way he manages to give the illusion of light in his paintings. “I’m sure any artist will relate to this and it’s something I struggle to explain to people that you can’t force the ideas, they just come and when they do it’s important for me to work”

Title - One True Love II
Medium - Original Oil

Size - 29 x 29 inches
Price - £1250.00