Alex Echo

Born in America and now living in the UK, Alex Echo uses a unique perceptive and palate of colour to create complex and extraordinary works of contemporary art. Combining his wide and deep knowledge of art history with references to popular culture and iconography, his creations are inventive, informative and accessible. In a mélange of intricate brush stokes, his work brings together the beauty and history of impressionism with a new language of technique and style: the vibrancy and softness of Turner and the structure of Rothko is evident in his work. A harmony of colour, light, movement and emotion, his paintings are truly original and depict a striking visual narrative which lifts the spirit of the viewer. As an artist, Alex is ever growing and has added new boundaries to the art world. He is a painter of great creativity as well as incredible visual appeal, and his work has attracted the attentions of many high profile collectors including HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Carter. More recently, Sir Paul Smith commissioned Echo’s work to form the principal pattern for his women’s spring/summer 2011 collection. “Classic with a Twist” was used to create an elegant, playful fabric which captivated the catwalk at London Fashion Week 2010. “My new body of work is the culmination of more than forty years of practice, trial and error, love, accident, joy, study, concentration and movement. The trajectory of my work has led me here, back to the original source of all art – my environment, Earth” alex [B.1958, Colorado] echo

Title - Seychelles
Medium - Original Oil

Size - 86 x 12 inches
Price - £6500.00