Ron Chadwick

Ron Chadwick started his lifelong love of art as a schoolboy before going on to graduate from the Medway College of Art with a 1st class degree in Visual Communications. During this time Ron also spent time teaching drawing and painting as he worked his way through college. After graduating in the late 70s, Ron moved to London & immersed himself in the vibrant art and music scene which gave birth to much of his work. His style is heavily influenced by the pop cultural revolution of the 60s, and calls back to some of the great popular artists of the last century - Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell & Richard Hamilton - all artists that Ron happily cites as influences on his work. Ron is though, an artist made in his own image, firmly in control of his brush and the themes he transfers to the canvas. Ron's natural sense of the theatrical, and his flamboyancy are evident in the paintings. Having now spent four decades working as a painter, he has a vast Armory of experience, styles and techniques to draw on, and the freedom that brings with it breathes through this striking range of work. This is very much an artist painting for his own satisfaction, as Ron himself puts it; I do it for myself.. I like to see what paint does and how it moves about the canvas.

Title - Dicky Birds
Medium - Limited Edition on Canvas

Size - 30 x 40 inches

Edition - Edition 1 of 35
Price - £850.00