Caroline Shotton

Caroline has been painting for as long as she can remember. Living on the outskirts of London meant she benefited from being within easy reach of London galleries and open countryside, both of which were a source of immense inspiration to her. As an only child she had the freedom to immerse herself in her work and received a great deal of encouragement and guidance from her grandmother who raised her. Early influences came from the Old Masters; Caroline was fascinated by their realism and throughout her school years strived for perfection. When studying at Central Saint Martins, Caroline’s eyes were opened to new ideas and techniques. She was captivated both by surrealism and impressionism and much of her work now combines elements from these movements. After college Caroline worked as a freelance artist in the commercial sector, undertaking bespoke commissions from businesses throughout the country, from large abstracts to intricate murals. When her son was born Caroline decided to concentrate on her gallery career, allowing her to develop immeasurably, incorporating different aspects with the freedom to choose her own direction. “It may be a scrap of paper from a magazine or the disgruntled look cows give me as I pass them in the field that inspires me to paint” caroline [B.1973, Ruislip] shotton

Title - Hit the Hay,Its Pasture Bed..
Medium - Box Canvas Edition

Size - 44 x 29 inches

Edition - Edition of 195
Price - £695.00

Title - Twinkle Twinkle Little Moo
Medium - Original Oil

Size - 16 x 16 inches
Price - £1750.00