Peter Smith

Peter can never remember a time when he did not enjoy some form of creativity; a childhood gift of a book called The Magic Painter captivated him and he was hooked! Holding on to this feeling he wanted others to share in his wonderment so he began painting in earnest. To start with Peter painted cats, dogs and people in the same simplistic form but it was colours and shapes that fascinated him, Peter's attempts degenerated into swirls of colour which was the start of his art education. Along the way many things added to Peter's development as an artist; surveying gave accuracy, computer programming added a methodical approach and a graphic artist in the fashion industry put the last piece of the jigsaw together. These combined gave him an understanding of colour and composition, in some small way they all helped shape his style and future. In 2003 Peter started to doodle a new type of artwork in his spare time, it was a strange character with a long nose and big eyes, it had no colour but the expression and body shape could be altered to mimic friends and colleagues. Peter called them Impossimals and with it sparked his imagination into overdrive, ‘Oscar Was Very Late, the Impossimal version of Peter's house rabbits became the inspiration for the now trademark Impossimal stripes. I am very passionate about my work; each painting has been painted for a reason, it's somewhat seemingly simplistic style hides the complex meanings and thought processes that I put into each piece.

Title - Minted
Medium - Limited Edition on Canvas

Size - 24 x 24 inches

Edition - Edition of 250
Price - £495.00